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1181 Hollis Street, Halifax, NS B3H 2P6

momondays® Halifax

September 26, 2016

September 26 show starts at 5:30pm for networking and fun! 7pm show start. Online tickets deadline ended at midnight Friday. You can still get tickets at the door.

The Storytellers!

Keith Gelhorn
From Labourer to Leader - Thriving outside-the-box - Keith Gelhorn was always a "outside-the-box" thinker but not always in a positive or productive way.

Quentrel Provo
Finding Positivity In Negative Situations. "It was Aug 11th 2012, that my life would change forever.

Tia Larkin
Don'r Judge This by its Cover - All was fun and games for Tia throughout childhood but things happened in her life that many psychotherapists might look back on and ask her to dig deeper

Jason Hamilton

Hockey Night on the Danforth - It was a simple plan. Move from Toronto to the Maritimes to pursue a new career Only, it didn't go as well as planned.

Gaby McNeill
Lovers of the Light - How love saved our lives
"The world has a way of getting us back on the good path...sometimes in ways that you would never believe possible.

Angela Campagnoni
Just a Round Peg trying to fit into a Square Hole - How my Fathers Death Changed the paths in my life
"18 years ago, my life was progressing in the exact order most are conditioned to believe we need to live.

Talk to your friends and or co-workers about getting a GROUP table of ten or more. Or contact Willy to fit your personal or company needs.

Most of all, Come out to momondays Halifax to see

Real People. Real. Stories. Real Inspiration!

So grab a friend or two, or grab enough friends to reserve a branded table or two!! We have special plans for groups that you won't want to miss out on! See the ticketing options for details!

MOMONDAYS is at The Westin Nova Scotian at 1181 Hollis St.
momondays is held each month at the Yuk Yuks venue right opposite Roy's Lounge. If you're driving you'll find loads of free parking after 6pm on the street. If you're walking well just walk!!

Tickets at the door $25





Paul Roy

Paul Roy

Paul is a public speaker, author and Enterpriseur. He is also a business executive. Paul loves business and the people who run them. He pays special attention to the soft skills that allows him to create great friendships. He has been a business owner for 21 of the last 36 years. You can learn more about Paul at

momondays Halifax

Willy Badger

Willy Badger is an award winning entertainer and filmmaker/photograpger and speaker. Willy has performed in Canada, United States, Japan, Singapore and Korea. Willy is a Chameleon. With an acting degree from Bishop’s University and numerous artsy fartsy clown workshops, Willy is able to be both distinguished and totally undistinguished.

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