momondays® Ottawa

December 12, 2016

Deck the halls with dreams, desires and great stories

Here's our lineup of fabulous speakers:
Stephanie Wise
She's unstoppable. Stephanie will share a recent experience that shifted everything for her and how she found her true purpose in life. She moved to Ottawa 13 years ago to study Commerce, and has since built her business and life here.

Mark Daniel
It took over 30 years, 13 car crashes, a plane crash, being hit by lightening, 300 stitches, 7 broken bones before Mark finally got the message. He's a teacher and guide who now explores the metaphysical world in search of undeniable truths. He is a writer, a pilot and an outdoor enthusiast.

Lisa Virtue
Lisa Virtue’s life was going along just fine, or so she thought. Then a series of unusual encounters led to her well-constructed façade coming down. Where her life went from there, she could have never imagined. Lisa is an Energy Healer, Angel Channel and Teacher.

Ayp Corey Skeikh
Sheikh experienced a profound spiritual awakening in which he was catalyzed through an entrepreneurial journey of sorts. Facing countless obstacles and experiences that led him deeper on his search for spiritual truth. Sheikh, a 26 year old young spiritual visionary entrepreneur, leading a movement of individuals going through their process of inner and outer transformation.

Jenny Sutherland
The stories that you hear in the news will become up close and personal - Jenny Sutherland has lived them. In her words: "I grew up in the small Indigenous community of Moosonee, Ontario. A northern isolated community that is located way up on the tip of James Bay. As someone who travelled a lot with my parents I realized that southern, and more importantly non-Indigenous communities, did not have the same struggles as in my own."

Jason Finucan
Jason Finucan has a unique perspective on mental illness and stigma that actually began with a heart defect at 12 years old. When he was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder at 26 years old, Jason realized the stark contrast between his two experiences was actually indicative of a greater problem.


5. It’s about “Real People. Real Stories. Real Inspiration.”

4. Awesome speakers – 140+ and counting.

3. “momondays is for people who are looking for greater meaning, deeper understanding, and the kind of joy that comes from the heart.” – Linda Babulic, moHost

2. It’s Monday. Who parties on Monday night? Now, you do! Get set for an evening of heart, humour, and happiness. 🙂

1. You meet the nicest people at momondays™!



momondays is a monthly show featuring five or six people telling their personal story and sharing life lessons. Some are funny, some are thought-provoking, all are motivating. What’s more, you get to socialize with all kinds of wonderful people in a fun, positive environment. You’ll wish every day were momonday!
Advance online tickets for just $15 + hst & fees until Friday, December 9 at 11pm. Save a few bucks and get reserved premiere VIP seating table of 10 for just $120 + hst and save the fees. Doors open for advance ticket holders at 5:30 pm. General admission at 6 pm. At the door just $25 cash.
Come early to grab a great seat and give yourself time to eat, drink and socialize! (You really do meet the nicest people at momondays!) Great food and free street parking after 5:30pm.

Don’t keep us a secret.




momondays Ottawa

Linda Babulic

 Zeroing-in (on your dreams), Expecting (to receive all you deserve), achieving Success (as you define it), and Transcending (to your higher self). That’s how Linda describes living a truly ZESTY life! She lives and breathes this ZEST philosophy and methodology.

A successful Personal Business Strategist, Community Builder and Researcher, and Amazon #1 best selling author of ZEST Your Life - A Taste of Inner Wisdom; Linda works with women seeking change in business, life and health. She offers professional support to clients through powerful guidance, one-on-one coaching and group workshop facilitation. 

“My momondays is for people who are looking for greater meaning, deeper understanding and the kind of joy that comes from the heart. It’s the same purpose behind my books, my talks, and my workshops.” Linda Babulic, moHost

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   December 12, 2016


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