A Lifetime of Bricks

I wanted to share with you what a truly humbling experience it was to have such an open and welcoming environment in which to share my story with others. I realize that I played safe and spoke of the death of a daughter in Guelph rather then my home in London. I have not spoken about this loss to friends or even family. In fact my 20 year old son can count on one hand how many times we have spoken of his sister, and until I prepared for this share, my son did not even know his sister’s name!

Originally my son was going to take the day off and come to Guelph to listen for himself, unfortunately he was not given the day off, and instead got a promise that I will do this talk in London. I have never broken my word to my son so I guest I will give this another go, in London next January.

I cannot tell you how it went based on my memory, but others shared that they were touched, moved and inspired. Me? I felt like a lifetime of bricks came tumbling off my shoulders, and it was such a freeing experience. I even had a group of 10 amazing supporters who drove in from Toronto, London and Woodstock. Among which was my little sister Tracey-Ann who drove in from Toronto. Breath taking experience, and so much more then I ever expected!

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pinkink0216-thumbnail Yvette Thornton is the Founder and CEO of Flying Unlimited. An organization that is dedicated to inspiring teens to live life fearlessly, knowing who they are and standing for what is important, and living into an unlimited future! We not Igniting the future she loves to travel with her husband Malcolm, and son Alexander, and eat chocolate. For more about Yvette, visit http://www.flyingunlimited.ca.

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