A new milestone for MoMondays, a new milestone for world peace?

The first few MoMondays were held in a little coffee shop with no stage, no audio, no music and almost no people. But then non-speakers started coming and said, ‘we LOVE this!’

We realized there are all kinds of networking events where you can connect with people on a professional level. There are dozens of events where you can ‘get into the minds’ of brilliant experts on countless subjects. But how many opportunities do we have to get into their hearts? And I think that’s the true impact of MoMondays.

By sharing our authentic, personal stories, we connect with each other at a deep and powerful human level. And I think that if more people were able to connect with each other at that level, we’d all be one step closer to world peace.

So there you have it, MoMondays for world peace.

There are now 12 MoMondays across North America because people are craving authentic human connection in a fun environment.

Today on April 15, we hit a MoMondays milestone: 4 MoMondays in one night:

MoMondays Newport Beach, California
MoMondays Burloak, ON
MoMondays Barrie, ON
MoMondays Montreal, QC

whew! If you’re anywhere near any of these cities this evening, go and be part of the incredible energy in the room!

For the complete listing of events, click on the the events link.


And if you’re anywhere near Toronto on April 29, I hope you come out and say hello to me personally!

Michel Neray
Founder of MoMondays
Proud supporter of all the great MoMondays hosts everywhere…

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