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momondays’ own mocademy Awards!

momondays mocademy Awards February 24, 2014

momondays mocademy Awards February 24, 2014

If you’ve been coming to momondays, you know the story. The first momondays Toronto was held on the second floor of a tiny tearoom. There was no microphone, no stage, no lights… and only 18 people in the audience — half of whom were the speakers. Two years and more than 120 moSpeakers later, momondays is an incredible community of wonderful people who come month after month to share their hearts and smiles. You really do meet the nicest people at momondays, and to celebrate the anniversary, a record 160 of the nicest people packed the room at the Hard Rock Cafe in Toronto for the mocademy awards night.

Sam Taylor of the East End Love band started us off with great tunes. (Yes, ‘LIKE’ their Facebook page here.) Then we were ready for the show, beginning with the first award.

The moHappiness Award was joyously received by Marguerite Orane. Marguerite is a momondays favourite for great reason — just being with her, whether she’s on stage or sitting beside you, puts a smile on your face. Watch her moStory here:

The moHeart Award went to Camille Deputter, not just because her story had so much heart, but also because it was all about heart — hers. A beautiful moStory, beautifully told.

The moTransformation award went to Michelle Emson. As one person told me after she had given her talk, ‘on the surface you could say I have nothing in common with her. But deep down, I have everything in common with her.’ Watch it here:

The moInner Child Award was handed to Richard Zinck for his moStory in which he introduced us to his inner child. Cute kid.

At momondays, we sometimes we hear stories that are genuinely close to home. Other times we hear stories from foreign lands – and still are close to home. The moForeign Story Award was shared by Rebecca Young for her stories of Rwanda, and Jonathan Wilson for his stories from Papua-New Guinea. (Rebecca) and (Jonathan).

Truthfully, I didn’t have a name for the next award I was going to hand out; I just knew it had to go to Adrian Davis. Adrian’s stories have it all: heart, humour and happiness as well as impact, suspense, power and insight. So maybe the Award should be call MoMo Grand Award? Here’s one of his moStories:

The moRaving fan Awards were appreciatively jointly handed to Martin Buckland, Marylou Heenan and Helen Wilkie. Martin goes to as many momondays as he can drive to and even proposed to his fiancee on a momondays stage. (We caught the moMarriage Proposal on video here Both Helen and Marylou are every bit as much a part of the momondays soul as momondays itself.

Left to right: Michel Neray, Dave Lathangue, Mari McNeil, Michael Lifshitz, Helen Wilkie, Adrian Davis, Sam Medina

Left to right: Michel Neray, Dave Lathangue, Mari McNeil, Michael Lifshitz, Helen Wilkie, Adrian Davis, Sam Medina

Of course, no Awards ceremony would be complete without a big tip of the hat to the people who work behind the scenes to make it all happen: Dave Lathangue, Dusko Jocic, Tara Neray, Courtney Neray and Barbara Neray.

And finally, a great big group hug goes out to everyone who comes to momondays… After all, we feed off your positive energy. Thank you for being a part of this great, growing community.

For all the photos of the evening, click here:

Special thanks for all the great speakers who really showed us ‘how it’s done’: Michael Lifshitz, Mari McNeil, Sam Medina, Adrian Davis, Helen Wilkie and Dave Lathangue. Their performances alone were worth coming for! For the video highlights of the evening, follow our Youtube channel!


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