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Motivate people, build your network, be a leader in your community and have fun… all while building your personal brand!

Thanks for asking about becoming a momondays host in your town! mohosts are some of the most special people in the world. It’s because of people like you that momondays has spread from a single location in Toronto to over 12 locations in North America — and we have had inquiries from people in South Africa, Israel, Singapore and Dubai.

At momondays, we truly believe that by sharing our personal stories, we connect at a deeper human level and in some (not so small) way, we increase the peace, love and understanding in the world… and have fun at the same time!

momondays is where people come to get inspired, entertained and transformed by other people's stories. In contrast to all the formal networking events, back-of-the-room sales events and superficial comedy shows, momondays offers a refreshing blend of heart, humour and happiness!

We’re using a licensing model to spread momondays around the world, which involves licensing fees and charges for support services while at the same time giving you the opportunity to make some money in the process. We'd love to get to know you a bit better — so please click the button below to complete your application. Let's get started!

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  • Welcome!

    Everyone involved in momondays is amazed at how quickly the event continues to attract bigger and bigger audiences. By blending education and entertainment, and by providing a format with real people, real stories and real inspiration, momondays is giving people a much needed break from canned presentations, business networking and everything digital. momondays really seems to be filling a void not just for new and veteran speakers, but also for all kinds of people interested in real life lessons, motivation and inspiration.

    For veteran speakers, momondays is a great opportunity to experiment in a way that no paid gig permits. For non-professional speakers who have a powerful story, momondays offers a unique platform and voice. For the audience and community who attend month after month, momondays is a special place of personal growth, positivity, entertainment and laughter.

    In talking with other people who want to host momondays events in their areas, we have learned that the biggest reasons for getting involved as a licensed host are:

    1. Securing a key leadership role in the many communities who would be involved in momondays, either as audience members or as speakers. These include professional speakers, the positive psychology movement, life coaches, trainers, consultants and other business professionals who see speaking as a key element in their marketing (even though we are strict about not allowing anyone to 'sell' from the stage).

    2. Improving their own emceeing, performing and stage skills.

    3. Being part of a fun, innovative, fun event that actually has the potential to spread joy, hope and optimism all over the world!!

  • What you need to be in order to have a strong momondays community and licensed event operation

    We created a licensing structure for momondays because it’s affordable for both momondays Inc. and for you, the licensee; and, it provides some protection for the brand while giving you a greater degree of flexibility.

    For example, you may choose to run momondays licensed events as a complete and exclusive business or as part of a separate business. This is just one of the many decisions you may make as you evaluate how a momondays license fits within your life, career and livelihood – and community.

    But what I hope is obvious to you is that momondays is more than just a business opportunity; it’s an opportunity to support the growth and transformation of the individuals in the room, and it’s an opportunity to effect change in the world; to be a model of greater authenticity, tolerance and love; and in so doing, to shift the consciousness of our civilization and be an instrument of peace.

    Because of our emphasis on doing good while doing well, some people call momondays a social enterprise. Others call momondays a movement. And still others call it a community. Whatever you call it, I hope you will see it as your favourite day of each month – because momondays truly is all that plus one thing more; it’s an opportunity to have fun.

    From a standing start in February 2012 with one location and 18 people in the audience, to a network of locations in Canada and the U.S. – some of which attract over 200 people each month – we have seen what it takes to build a strong momondays community and licensed operation.

    We believe that you need 6 key attributes to succeed at this: