Believe In Your Dream!

From the bottom to the top anything is truly possible… Growing up, I was always known for being an athlete. In 2004 I was playing in the NCAA (South Carolina) and voted Junior National MVP for the Canadian Softball Championships that year. I felt my life was at “the top of my game” and was working towards a life long dream of mine of going to the Bejing Olympics. I was invited to try out and came up short of the cut which ended the dream. This rejection hit me hard and led to a 5 year downhill spiral (both mentally and physically).

In 2010, after years of living this way, at my annual checkup, my doctor took my blood pressure and told me it was relatively high for my age. At age 27, I was shocked by this news; I couldn’t believe I let my body down. I ignored my body for 5 years and I had to do something immediately. I had put on nearly 70 lbs in this time and to this day I still don’t really know how that happened.

In an effort to improve my health, I found a local gym (Fitness Infuzion for Women in Barrie) privately owned by a trainer named Cathy, who decided to build her dream and help women achieve their goals. I began to understand what life balance means and I was able to BELIEVE in myself again. I learned about proper nutrition and eating clean, preparing meals and spoke to women who were struggling with similar life tribulations. Our journeys were different, but the one thing we all had in common was this place where we could come and focus on ourselves… and our goals.

After being away from the game for 5 years, I found the passion I thought I had forever lost. I decided to play again and competed at the National Championships in 2012 and in 2013 and was one of the top pitchers in both tournaments. Because of this, I was invited to try out for our National Team again – I felt I had come full circle.

I trained for a year and despite the fact I didn’t make the team, I learned so much about myself and the journey that I achieved so much more then wearing a jersey. When you have the opportunity to raise the bar, your mental capacity can prove the sky is the limit: Believing in yourself is the first step in achieving greatness… and Believe In Your Dream!

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11193257_10153318653454846_2101612658558045755_n Jennifer Casement-Buttineau is a Certified Teacher, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker who has battled with depression and obesity… and has achieved her dreams of becoming an international Semi-Pro athlete and CY YOUNG award winner. She is now helping people, local and abroad, to stay motivated and leading their best life. For more about Jennifer, visit

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