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We are putting storytelling into a blender. Adding a dash of personal growth & transformation. Then dropping in loads of laughter. With a side dish of hot DJing,  sassy live music, and juicy conversations with some of the nicest people on the planet, then we are pushing the ‘high’ setting and out pours an Energy Booster momondays-Belleville




momondays Belleville
January 27th, 2020

Promo How Burnout transformed my life

Shelley Wallace is the owner of Shelley Wallace Vitality
Coaching and is an expert at showing others how to transform
their stress into greater focus, energy and happiness.

Shelley knows what it’s like to be so focused on achievement
and meeting the needs of others that you lose yourself along the
way. She knows what it’s like to live in survival mode and hide
away from the world with Netflix, chocolate, and wine (or what she likes to call “The Big 3!”). But her path to recovery led her to
a treasure trove of gifts that inspired her to create a new





Adam is fairly a prolific speaker, with the background and
training of a Baptist preacher, with a Master's Degree from
Toronto Baptist Seminary, garnering special recognition for his
public speaking skills. He currently works as UCB Canada's
Business Engagement Representative for the Belleville area, as
well as an entrepreneur starting up his own online media
network called NEEERD Media.

When I was younger, I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel
Syndrome, and unpleasant, though ultimately not terribly
serious, stomach and digestion issue. There are ways to
manage the symptoms, to cope with the discomfort and pain,
and has led to some interesting stories, but ultimately it is
something that I have just had to learn to live with.





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momondays Belleville

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Leanne is a serial entrepreneur and excited to bring this latest venture to Belleville.  During the day she is the Operations Leader for Cloud Bookkeeping Services but one night a month her creative side gets to take over!  Learning about people has been a part of Leanne's career for the past 10 years and now she can present those people to you and help them share their story.  Join us on stage or join us in the audience but don't miss this unique event.

Show Program


Best Seats in the house, Dj, Live Music, Cocktails, Dinner, Mingling and Networking

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Leave your mask at home, there is no need to fake it or pretend. This is a space where you will be understood and treated with kindness and respect. Connect with like-minded people on the human to human level? Come at 6:00 pm to give yourself time to connect with some of the nicest people!

An interesting thing happens when you come to momondays for the pre-show socializing and networking. While the purpose of the show is not business, some of the best business connections have come out of a meeting at momondays.

We have the kitchen fired up and you will be able to order from a full menu!

The kitchen is open from 6:00 pm pm -7:30 pm, so make sure you get your food order in early. The bar is open all night!!! So get ready to mix and mingle with some of the nicest people on the planet -- that’s because you really do meet the nicest people at momondays.

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