Bliss and Intimacy with Yoga and Money

Financial health is interconnected with physical, emotional, and even spiritual health. Yoga teaches and maintains the balance and flexibility required for a manageable approach to money, no matter how much or little you may have. Each of the seven major energy centers (chakras) of the body relate to a different aspect of personality. Work on the Root Chakra begins the process of putting your money house in order.

The second energy point in the life wheel is called the sacral or navel chakra. It governs the flow of emotion and passion and influences desire, intimacy, sensuality, and sexuality.

When it is blocked, there is little ability to enjoy the pleasures of daily life—and even anticipated events may seem joyless when they finally arrive, because of your inability to relax and move with the flow. Some of the more severe outcomes include workaholism, anorexia, obsessive compulsive disorders, and depression.

When the sacral chakra is overactive, then real money troubles begin. The reality of your personal money flow is overridden by desire and impulse. Spending is rampant on both the smaller expenditures such as snacks and alcohol that can quickly add up and on the big-ticket items like week-end getaways, electronics, clothing, and pleasure-seeking activities. Credit card debt rises quickly when the sacral chakra is out of control, often because of expensive disorders such as bulimia, alcoholism, and sexual addiction.

Yoga postures, or asanas, that help to rebalance your sacral chakra include the Child (Bala-asana) and the Cow-face (Gomukhasana). These build physical strength and flexibility, but they also help you enter a meditative state that creates a healthy flow within your emotions. Remember that desire, pleasure, and impulse should add joy to your life, rather than stress.

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