Launch of momondays Sudbury

We are launching our first momondays Sudbury event on Monday, September 16th, at SRO Lounge in downtown Sudbury. We have a great lineup of speakers, including three World-class speakers. Come join us for a night of inspiring stories, great music and an abundance of good vibes.

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Meeting Teri Kingston

I don’t think a year has gone by since 1993 that I haven’t watched Bill Murray’s classic movie, Groundhog day. As much as I try to limit my TV time to a minimum, It just seems to call me. Tonight, 25 years later, as I sit down to plan my week, I think, I’ve just…

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Connecting with Stage Presence.

Mick Jagger has it. So do Leonard Cohen, Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie, and Prince. Bob Marley performed in a kind of a trance that literally had audiences transfixed. Freddie Mercury was legendary on stage. Oh, and have you ever seen Michael Jackson? Among women performers, I immediately think of Tina Turner, Beyonce, Grace Jones, Madonna.…

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