Change is difficult but necessary to grow.

I said goodbye to my Dad at the hotel before he left for his flight from Calgary back to Halifax on Sunday. I started my new job in a marketing department Monday morning in Calgary, Alberta.That night I couldn’t reach him on his home phone or blackberry to tell him how it went. I went to work the next day feeling uneasy.

By Wednesday I managed to convince a family friend to drop by as my closest family was four hours away and they didn’t see anything unusual about him being out of touch.

I went to arrange my Dad’s funeral on Thursday back to Nova Scotia having quit my job in Calgary, Alberta.

What I know from this experience is that I found the strength inside to allow change in. I didn’t hide in my room, I didn’t stay away from family and friends – I didn’t give up.

My Dad’s favourite saying was “Never, never, never – give up” by Winston Churchill. So I took the seed money he had left me along with the house and started an award winning production company named after him called Charlie Mac Productions Inc.

I ran that for over five years before realizing I had missed an important lesson as my own health deteriorated. My Dad was an executive in three junior mining companies – two in Alberta and one in Nova Scotia. He had high blood pressure.

My Mom lives in Calgary and over the past four years we’ve lost five family members mostly due to cancer.

Change occurred again as I used Beachbody to enter the health and wellness industry educating myself on what I needed to know and do. I became a member of a wellness medical resort called Canyon Ranch and then just recently I moved from Beachbody to Arbonne. Now, I’m developing a wellness centre.
So changed happened again – from film/video to health and wellness. This time I feel it resonate as a CTI Coach and I know over the past year’s training that I’ve found what my life purpose is to be.

Change can hit you hard – like my Dad’s sudden death. Change can also be gradual – the past losses in my family to cancer opened my heart and mind to CTI coaching, Arbonne and a wellness centre. But most of all change is needed to survive, adapt and move on.

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T-MacDonald_headshot_0034_1024 Tara MacDonald is an entrepreneur, an award winning video producer and a writer along with being a CTI trained coach. She’s working on her wellness centre having run workshops for plus sized individuals since 2004 in her church hall. Now an Arbonne consultant and working on her own health she enjoy the variety that life brings along with its changes. For more about Tara, visit

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