Costa Rica Jungle Life For Mom & Son

My search for complete peace in a Zenful mindset lead me to Costa Rica, Central American in the earlier years of mine and my son’s life. The material world became a non important place for me, and I wanted to introduce a holistic, alternative, organic and healthier life style for my son; so later on in his life he would understand peace of mind without chasing the almighty dollar! My son and I lived in Costa Rica where peace reined and our moments where spent living with presents where time did not exist. Not speaking any spanish; I embraced my new home that felt comfortable right from day 1 on December 5th, 2000.

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IMG_0520 The  small town of Owen Sound was the grounded lifestyle that I grew up in,  outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This  enhanced my Taurus nature to search and continue for the peace of mind that was reared and instilled in me.   As a young woman, I began listening to adult mentors, who told me I was gifted with exuberant amounts of touch & love, I had for others.
In 1989 – 1990 I temporarily moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada  and opening the doors to explore my talents.   There I studied Aromatherapy and obtained my certificate , then moved back to Toronto  to practice.  The holistic nature of Aromatherapy lead me to explore other healing practicing techniques, such as Ear Candling,  reflexology,  natural skin care regimes , meditation and yoga.  As I moved and sorted through the over abundance of metaphysical practitioners and information on spiritual healing and the over congested behaviour of the city life of Toronto, I was finding myself researching  further, as to where my heart fit and soul belonged.
My relocation to Costa Rica in the year 2000 was the height of my career where I found my calling, for my life’s work.  For more about Mary Anne, visit

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