Creating Teams to Fulfill Dreams!

We were never designed to create by ourselves. We are meant to share and contribute to advance others as well as serve our best interests! Where are you missing out on abundant resources that are in your primary and secondary circles of influence? Are you ready to give up doing things your way and take on the actions necessary to create results you want for your life?

This blog post was written by Jacques Berge. Jacques spoke at the Toronto MoMonday on 03/18/2013! Get your advance tickets for the next MoMondays Toronto here: Buy Tickets

734915_10151376966409355_547142906_n Born in Germany. Raised on a foster farm in Southern Ontario. Competitive athlete and sport coach in Hockey and Martial Arts. Studied Philosophy and Economics at University of Windsor. Worked 5 years as a bartender and owned a pub with friends. Found my birth mother in 2001 through a Red Cross Family Trace. Lived in Grand Cayman for 1 year while I worked for Gold’s Gym. Served 3 years in the Canadian Navy. Drove across the continental USA twice. Traveled Australia and Europe. I do not believe in excuses but I do believe in dreams 🙂

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