Purchase a Digital Rights Package of your Performance!

We encourage you to freely link to the speaker videos on the momondays site and YouTube channel (if your video gets posted - we don't post them all), but we also give you the opportunity to purchase the rights for your own uses. Some speakers want to get the rights so they can post the video and/or photos on their own site. Or they want to use bits and pieces to incorporate into a promotional video. Or, they simply want to have it on their own hard drive so they can review for learning purposes.

You may only purchase the rights if you are the speaker (or an agent of the speaker). As soon as your payment goes through, we'll start the process to transfer the files to you. (Please be patient as it may take a few days.)

Please note that your video is edited for a smooth opening and close. This shows off your natural speaking talent to speaker bureaus, agents and potential clients. You can request more intensive editing at additional charge.

To view the different packages available, click to https://www.momondays.com/mostore/