You have purchased a digital rights package for your MoMondays talk.

Here’s what will happen now…

  1. Within a few hours, a real live human will forward a specially written email to the host of the event where you spoke, and let them know that you are now eagerly awaiting the files of your performance.
  2. The same human will engage the the skill and expertise of a highly talented video editor who will gather up your files and package them for you.

If you purchased:

a.) Full Digital Rights within two weeks of your talk:
You will receive all the photos taken of you at the MoMondays event, plus the edited video in both standard/dvd definition (480) and high definition (720), plus the raw video in high definition (720). You have full rights to use this material any way you wish. You will receive the files on a memory stick by snail mail, which you can expect within approximately two weeks. Please transfer the files to your computer before viewing them.

b.) Limited Rights:
You will receive the edited video of your MoMondays talk in standard definition (480) which you may use for internal purposes only (ie: not for posting on the Internet.) You can expect to receive an email within one week, with instructions on how to download your edited video file digitally.

As you can see, most of the work needed to complete this process is handled by real live humans, so it’s possible it may take a couple of days more or less. However, please be assured that we are doing our best to make you happy. Should you have any questions or your spidey-senses tell you that something doesn’t feel quite right, please contact the host of the MoMondays event where you gave your talk.

We wish you Mo of the very best of everything, and hope to see you at the next MoMondays! And remember, you can make every day a MoMondays!


The MoMondays Digital Rights Team