Family Is What you Make It!

Growing up in a dysfunctional family, I realized that in order to have what I truly desired I needed to go out and create it for myself. My dream was to have a big family where we all come home for Christmas.

When my husband and I were challenged with infertility issues my dream of big family Christmases seemed impossible. Then I met someone who changed my beliefs on what family is.

Have you ever met someone who you knew within minutes was meant to be in your life? I have. Kevin was a gangly, sarcastic, and incredibly smart 16 year old boy. He was a cross between a down on himself teenager and an angry cane swinging old man. He wandered into the hangar where my husband and I were building an airplane and said “I’m going to help you!” Our friendship developed in the most unlikely situation and then thrived through all sorts of challenges.

That’s what family is – being there for the people who are important in your life. Celebrating the successes and lifting each other up in the tough times. It doesn’t matter if you are blood related or not. It is the people in your life who want you in theirs. It’s the ones who accept you for who you are. Family is the people who would do anything to see you smile and love you no matter what.

When my son (a miracle baby) was born four years ago, it was his Uncle Kevin who was there to hold him just after mommy and daddy!

Together with Kevin and the rest of the amazing people in my life who are not related but are family we are teaching my son that family is made in the heart. So even though we are not related by blood, Kevin is my “kid brother” (my little boy’s uncle) and he always comes home for Christmas.

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