Genius In Waiting

I believe we are all geniuses. Either actively using our genius or keeping it in waiting. Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, J.K. Rowling, Edwin Hubble. What did they have? What made them unique? What did they have access to that we don’t have access to? Education, knowledge, resources… I think we all have that at our fingertips. Especially with today’s standards; we have access to it if we want it. So I can’t find any good reason, what makes them more genius than us.

I’m going to be straight: Sometimes I amaze myself at the things I come up with. Sometimes it’s a funny joke, a creative way to express my love, or a good drink combination. Sometimes it’s a little more complex and possibly worthy of more praise like a business idea, a new tool for communication, or an idea for a thrilling movie script.

Is genius learned, or is it practiced? It’s definitely not inherited, right? Since it is available to everyone.

Maybe it doesn’t have to be a ‘one-time’ thing either. (See Steve Jobs and his little company called Apple.) Bill Gates invested a little bit of resources into Windows, which was Microsoft’s backup. Believe it or not, but a different program was to be the new ‘next big thing.’ So it might be safe to say that Bill Gates paid attention to his intuition and invested a little bit of money, time, and development in this back up ‘thing’ called Windows. Is that worthy of genius recognition?

You could say that genius is everywhere. If you look, you could find it. Who invented the wheelchair? Who thought to mix peanut butter and jelly to create the most commonly used sandwich in your childhood? (If you grew up in a Caucasian household in the 50’s-90’s.) Who first created Sushi? How did they come up with the way to make the rice so sticky? Who will invent the next super gadget? Who will write the next best seller?

That’s one of the things that really excites me about MoMondays and being granted the honour of hosting the new Richmond Hill location. I have no idea who is going to attend. I have no idea who is going to speak either. (Okay I cheated there; I’ve invited a few and accepted a few already! It is going to be great!) I have no idea which speakers and attendee’s are future geniuses! I have no idea which ones reading this are having genius ideas right now! …But I do know one thing. At MoMondays, people leave inspired. People leave motivated. People leave happier then when they came. People leave MoMondays more clear about their day tomorrow; their week ahead and their journey in life than most other Mondays out of the month.

That’s why I hope to see you at MoMondays Richmond Hill May 6th. I’ll be there, anticipating your genius.

Michael Santonato

This blog post was written by Michael Santonato. Catch Michael at the Toronto, ON MoMonday on 05/06/2013! Get your advance tickets here: Buy Tickets

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