Going All-In

Just last night I was reading a book by Dale Carnegie where he noted that we should be content to live only in the time we can possibly live: from now until bedtime. I would go further and say the only time we truly have is each second.

In a time where we have more distractions than ever before, I worry that we aren’t even going ALL-IN for those seconds we do have. By going all-in I mean truly focusing on what we are doing at the moment. That could mean replying to emails from our Smartphone, and if it does, I’m suggesting we should go all-in when we are on our phone (if that’s our thing), but that also means when we’re standing in front of a person, we stay all-in with them and let the distractions take a back-seat.

After interviewing more than 2500 high achievers, I can tell you one of the most common traits (a trait that gives them a distinct competitive advantage in both their personal and professional lives) they share is the ability to be all-in with whatever they are doing at the moment.

A great quote from the book Real Happiness – the power of meditation states, “The content and quality of our lives depend on our level of awareness.”

My worry extends to this concern as well – in addition to worrying about whether we are going all-in, I worry that our level of awareness has been impacted in a negative way by the many distractions (leading with the Smart Phone) that pull both our attention and time daily.

I use technology quite heavily, and to some extent it uses me, but I recognize that I need to be constantly making sure I keep, and take, the power back.

As Dr. David Suzuki said to me in a recent interview, “technology is a powerful temptress”, and so breaking away from it when necessary won’t be easy for us to do, and it will only get more difficult as time moves forward, but my hope is that you will simply try a little each day to make sure the technology in your life knows who the boss is, and that as a result you get to maintain a high level of awareness, and when possible, go ALL-IN.

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Corey Porier Corey Poirier is an award winning speaker (having presented to 100,000 attendees since 2002), a multiple time award winning sales executive, host of the Conversations With PASSION Radio Show and the newer WOW Podcast; which features the likes of Jack Canfield and Rick Hansen. Also a 6 time acclaimed ‘and best-selling’ author, he has personally interviewed more than 2500 high achievers, and shared the bill with the likes of Deepak Chopra and General Rick Hillier. For more about Corey, visit http://www.coreypoirier.com.

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