This past MoMondays in Toronto was a special one — not because of any any special date or anniversary; not because of any particular size of audience; and not because of any special guest speaker. It was special because, due to scheduling changes it had been six weeks since the MoMondays last month — and I had forgotten how badly I had come to ‘need’ my MoMondays booster shot.

Even though about half the people in the audience were there for the first time ever, I know I wasn’t the only one who felt that way. The pent-up energy in the room was palpable.

We all needed it — and holy signature story Batman, did we ever get it!

Karen Grant showed pure wonderment at learning the lesson she needed to learn for the fourth time — and I thought about the lessons I still need to learn… again! Susanne Wallner tore up the house she tore up her notes, and spoke with such simplicity and honesty, straight from the heart. Paul Barry left me with ‘little course corrections.’ Gail Scott reminded me how we’re all dysfunctional… and how that can be a great thing! Stephen Shedletzky blew me away with his poise, natural story-telling artistry and his youthful wisdom. The description of Michelle Ray in a Cat Woman costume got stuck in my head, and quickly got replaced by a deeper reflection of taking risks and how I ‘lead myself first’.

Then Adrian Davis took the stage and described how his father taught him how to pick up snakes — and how that trick never got old. Well, I picked something up from every MoMondays speaker, and it still never gets old.

Then at the end of the evening, one couple who was there to celebrate their eighth wedding anniversary instead of doing the traditional fancy dinner told me it was the best anniversary present they could have given each other.


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Can’t wait for the next one…. here.

This blog post was written by Michel Neray. Catch Michel at MoMondays on 05/27/2013! Get your advance tickets here: Buy Tickets

201211-Michel-Neray-2868_150px Michel is the founder of MoMondays. For his ‘day job’, he is a professional speaker, M.C. and consultant who helps his clients dig down to their ‘Essential Message’. That’s the key to stronger branding, better sales, employee engagement, personal confidence… and world peace. He’s married with three children, two dogs, three snowboards, a whitewater canoe and a black belt in Karate. Get more Michel at www.Neray.com. For more about Michel, visit http://Neray.com.

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