How being a MoMondays Host made me Humble

It can be addictive sometimes. The pleasure of being on stage, of entertaining, of watching the audience laugh and enjoy your work as a host. I know I feed on the positive encouragement I receive after each show – storing it in my heart for ‘those days’ when I don’t feel quite as special. But, sometimes you have a humbling experience that really drives home what MoMonday is all about.

I have a friend (let’s call her Margaret) who attended one of my shows, and asked if she could bring another friend with her. Her young friend had been having some issues with, shall we say ‘extreme sadness’ after a breakup with her boyfriend. It was the first time she had really been in in love and her heart was badly bruised. There were some pretty negative emotions coursing through her body. Margaret brought her out to try to take her mind off things.

Well, here is where the humble part comes in. I received a call from Margaret this week saying that she had touched base with that friend and seen a completely different person. She had a smile again, and even laughed. When asked what brought about the change, she said it was all due to MoMondays. That listening to the stories of triumph, followed by an impromptu wedding proposal at the end of the evening reminded her that there WAS life after heartbreak. That the best IS yet to come, and the fastest way to get to what was in store for her was to move through her pain, and reach for the joy that was waiting around the corner.

So yes, bask in the attention, but never forget MoMondays’ higher purpose. To bring light to those that need it most. We have a responsibility to find the BEST stories we can, and to encourage those who are hurting already to reach out and share. People heal through the sharing and through the listening. Often times we can serve the speakers as much as we serve the audience. The key word here is serving. What have you done to serve your fellow man today?

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