How I Found My Magic

I will be speaking at MoMondays on January 28th 2013 about how I Found My Magic.

My magic is, the warmth in my smile, knowing that I am helping and caring for others, and the gleam in my eye.

I spent my life looking for my magic, and I was very surprised where it was.

I can not promise you that I can find your magic, only you can do that. My hope is that if I can share my journey with you, then just maybe I can lead you to a path that will help you find yours.

I am looking forward to seeing you there.

Best Regards

Richard Zinck

This blog post was written by Richard Zinck. Catch Richard at the Toronto MoMonday on 01/28/2013! Get your advance tickets here: Buy Tickets

12190_10151138859056478_42975918_n Growing up in a troubled family, StomachMan A.K.A. Richard Zinck taught himself how to be strong, bold and innovative to deal with the situations in his life.

In business he is a progressive thinker with non-conventional ideas. Featured in The Toronto Sun, Saturday Night, and Profit Magazine, Zinck became a modern-day hero in the Sandwich Industry.

Named one of the top Entrepreneur’s of the Year for Ontario in 1995, and nominated for Canada in 1996, Zinck is a man of action. Always on the move, he will leave you wondering what he will do next.

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