How I learned to listen – the hard way.

I used to think the best networkers were the people who offered a lot of personal opinions, seasoned with wit and timing. For years, I tried to be one of those people.

Offering opinions became a hobby of mine until I realized that I couldn’t be funny all the time and that when I missed the target, it didn’t end well – for me or the person with whom I was speaking.

I realized that I needed to curb my enthusiasm for offering opinions quickly, often with few facts. I was missing out on some great opportunities to build personal and professional relationships. And I certainly wasn’t coming across as empathetic and approachable (which is what I want and need to do as a marketing strategy expert who helps people build their businesses).

I did a lot of reading about people with a high level of emotional intelligence, which I see as the ability to identify with and relate to others. I wanted to be one of those people and set out to build my own emotional intelligence by applying three strategies. First, I keep myself open to other people and their stories. Second, I ask questions and listen – closely. And third, I never offer an opinion unless I am asked.

Actually applying those strategies was at first scary to someone who once felt compelled to offer the first comment or opinion to gain control of a conversation. Now, as a better listener, I am able to help others feel comfortable in sharing their story, aspirations and ideas with me in a real, two-way conversation. For me, that’s what life (and business) success is all about.

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