I Believe In The Olive Green Crayon

I believe in the olive green crayon. That colour that looks like puke. The colour that everyone pushes aside when drawing a rainbow, or drawing something happy. The individual crayon that gets rejected, but is always in the crayon box, no matter what amount of colours you buy. I am very much like the olive green crayon, and I’ll tell you why.

When I was a five year old girl, in kindergarden, I had a pretty crazy mind. Not until now do I realize how brilliant that crazy mind really was. It all started on a nice winter day, February 14th, 2000. I was in my kindergarden class decorated with hearts and cupids, because it was the most loving day of the year, Valentines day. My teacher handed out a blank paper with nothing but a big heart on it. She told us to colour in the heart, and we can give it to a friend or family member later on that day. Like any kid would, everyone took out their red or pink crayons and started to colour. I decided that I was going to colour my heart in olive green, because it was the sharpest pencil I had, because I’d never used it.

When we were all done our hearts, the teacher told us to show everyone our heart, to see who’s was nicest or coloured most in the lines. When I showed my picture, everyone laughed at me. I was curious why people would laugh at my picture. Somebody asked me “Did you not have a red? You could have borrowed mine”. I happily shook my head, and took out my red crayon. All the kids in my class laughed at me, because “everyone knows that a heart is red”. And all they did was make fun of me, which hurt my feelings.

A while later, my teacher pulled me aside, and told me that my picture was very pretty, and hung it up next to her desk. I asked her why she liked it, because I did it all wrong. She said to me “Its not about the colours you used, its about the fact that you were the most original, and you didn’t go along with the other kids”. That of course, made me very happy. I then realized that my heart is mine, and not theirs, and that I can make it any colour I want to, because I am unique. And just like that olive green crayon, I was put outside for being different, for being the “puke-looking” colour. And now I know, that I and the olive green crayon are the same in some way, because we are both individuals, and we are the one who is rejected, but will never leave the “crayon box”.

I guess the crayon and me, will always be in the place that we are in. But really, isn’t everyone just an olive green crayon in the box of colours? Don’t we all feel rejected at times? When people reject you, for being that individual, olive green crayon, just get back up, and join a different colour box. Someday, every olive green crayon has its time to shine, and be the colour that one person chooses. And when they choose you, the olive green crayon, you’ll never be put down again. We are all the olive green crayon, this I believe.

This blog post was written by Justine Frankel. Justine spoke at MoMondays on 04/15/2013! Get your advance tickets for the next MoMondays here: Buy Tickets

Snapshot_20130415_1 My name is Justine Frankel and I am 19 years old. Since I was young I’ve always loved to write and to create new things. I am currently studying at John Abbott College in Creative Arts & Lit to be an English teacher. My passion is to work with kids who are alone and different, like I am. For more about Justine, visit http://www.justineerinfrankel.blogspot.com.

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