I Chose Me

For years I believed the stories others would tell me: the negative ones of who I should be, was supposed to be in their eyes, stories that labeled me like others.

Those stories piled up and I played re-runs to keep up and stay perfect, instead of taking the courage to connect with who I truly was and am.

As I began to write new stories for my life on my terms, the world changed. Clearing emotional baggage and connecting to the deepest part of us to remove the fear that others made us feel or believe is a test of will-power and love of self.

I encourage people to choose them, it works! I Chose Me.

This blog post was written by Donna Henhoeffer. Catch Donna at momondays Ottawa, ON on 03/14/2016! Get your advance tickets here: Buy Tickets

I am an energy explorer who loves all things alternative healing for relaxation, balance and alignment to self care. Learning and experiencing the universal language of energy allowed me to co-author of The Joy of Energy 3-Deck Card Collection that inspire, educate and guide people to be their true, authentic and higher selves and fully integrate the body, mind, soul and spirit. For more about Donna, visit http://www.thejoyofenergy.ca.

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