I Won’t Bring my Bike, But I Will Talk About Cycling

On March 11 MoMonday Calgary, I will be presenting “Wind and Hills”, where I chronicle my humorous journey as an amateur cyclist and the growth in my passion for road cycling.

I will tell of how, at the age of 10, I obsessed over teaching myself to ride a 2 wheeled “hand-me-down” bike – which was too big. Growing up in a small rural town in Parkland Manitoba with gravel roads meant every kid had a bike under them – to take them swimming, fishing and to spend summer holidays on their “get-away” machine.

One hot summer morning, my bike taught me 2 paramount lifelong virtues – persistence… and confidence.

I then fast-forward to modern day Calgary, where road cycling means an expensive bike, colorful spandex and an endless variety of energy and hydration products. If the hills don’t drain you, the winds just might!

Today my road bike keeps me company on day long summer rides where it forms my “Model for Daily Living”. For me, most anything in life can be modeled back to road cycling, whether a solo ride or a peleton group ride.

This blog post was written by Terry Kozlyk. Catch Terry at the Calgary MoMonday on 03/11/2013! Get your advance tickets here: Buy Tickets

DSCN1893 Terry is an inspiring and entertaining speaker/podcaster/blogger who loves to connect with his audience. He doesn’t talk to you, but with you. An active Toastmaster, he volunteers on the Speakers Bureau of Volunteer Calgary and has spoken to youth, ESL, new Canadians and to organizations such as Rotary and Optimists. Topics range from INNERpreneurship, social media and soft-skills development. Terry is always looking for new venues to speak at, so visit his website at TDKtalks.com

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