In Praise of Aunts

The best aunts know how to spoil a little,love a lot and listen with a detachment that is impossible for most mothers. Aunts can help you feel at home without feeling hemmed in. They can give you treats and let you choose your own activities because you’re only there for a visit.

One of my best friends has never given birth but is beloved by her nieces and nephews . Sandy builds trust by listening, encouraging and appreciating. Because aunts are not usually responsible for you in the ways that parents are expected to be,when they love you, you know that you are really loved.

Most aunts can give advice without sounding bossy.

My aunts have been feisty, fun loving, quiet at times, raucously witty at others. My quiet aunt Rita was a kindred spirit I met later in life. We could chat a lot or just sit without talking and still feel like friends.

I’ve been inspired by the courage my Aunt Phyl showed when facing cancer. After radiation left her bald headed, she told friends. “Now it will be easier for my husband to know what I’m thinking.” Because my prettiest aunt Marie wore Arpege I couldn’t wait to try it when I grew up but it never smelled the same on me. My aunt Mona was livelier at 82 than most of my classmates. I only have one aunt still living and I treasure her. Make sure you let your aunts know how loved and special they are in your life.

Maybe we should push for National Aunt’s Day.

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