In This Life We Will Face Trials…

My mom used to say to me, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. Today marks the 15 anniversary of her passing of cancer, my mom will always be the strongest person I know. A person of poise and great character. She was my best friend.

One thing she taught me about life, is that it was for living; not in the relentless pursuit of happiness, or financial gain, but contentment in knowing that I was made for something special. When you know that is your purpose, then everything you do has purpose, right down to cleaning my room…

As I have lived out her advice, I work very hard to find contentment in everything and in everyone I meet, even the difficult things. It has helped me not to dwell (too long) on the negative and work to see how it may have created friction in my life at the time. If I can work through it with patience as my captain, I just might see the experience in a different light. Thus overcoming the friction to creating traction and moving me forward to becoming an even better person.

Losing my mom was the hardest thing I’ve had to face and I miss my best friend greatly, but I will always have her helping me grow and become a man of Purpose and Influence.

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orphan-32-cover-3D Thanh Campbell is a professional speaker and author of Orphan 32. Thanh has shared his story across the world and inspired a variety of audiences. Having his story shared in the media has given him a platform to share his life transforming message of Hope, Love and Purpose. Thanh lives in Hamilton and has 4 active children. As a serial entrepreneur and networker, he helps bring vision into reality for young business ventures. For more about Thanh, visit

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