Inspirational speakers always make you think about your own story

Every time I’ve been to momondays, I have loved listening to great stories of how people have transformed their lives. Well, its going to be my turn soon. I’m a bit nervous but mostly anxious. You see, everytime we have a WoW-Ambassador from Ottawa or Montreal on stage, as a group we get a table to cheer and support the guest speakers. So on Monday its going to be my turn on stage and its going to be fun seeing another full table of women looking at me for inspiration! I hope by telling them my story that they can reflect on their own path and see what they have done in their lives, and maybe that would inspire someone else to share their story as well as the desire to motivate and inspire others!!

This blog post was written by Carol-Chantal Seguin. Catch Carol-Chantal at momondays Ottawa, ON on 01/11/2016! Get your advance tickets here: Buy Tickets

12294807_10206709809377866_3617926881182663712_n For the past 30 years, Carol’s passion in finance and accounting has made her a suitable business coach. Through her own development as an entrepreneur and with a vast amount of business experience, Carol has established herself as reputable business leader. Carol is the founder of “WOW – World of Women”. WOW encourages new business owners or those thinking of starting a business to reach out to the WOW community to connect with other likeminded women. For more about Carol-Chantal, visit

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