Just when you thought you’d seen it all!

I thought MoMondays may have reached it’s peak in Barrie, Ontario. We have had a succession of phenomenal speakers since we started our journey 8 months ago, but last night topped it. And honestly, I don’t know where to go from here! It is true that you meet the nicest people at MoMondays, and that MoMondays is a place where love flows abundantly. Well, last night it overflowed into a marriage proposal – ON STAGE.

Long time MoMondays supporter (we counted, he has attended 25 MoMondays across Ontario in the past year) Martin Buckland called me a few weeks ago and expressed his desire to ask his love, Nancy to marry him – and he wanted it to be special and memorable, and asked if he could ask her from the stage. What else could I say but YES! We planned it out in absolute secrecy and he pulled it off perfectly. It was beautiful.

There is a childhood song that I remember, and one of the lyrics is “anything can happen in a fairytale”. Well, the truth is – MoMondays is like a fairytale – anything can happen there too!

This blog post was written by Lauren Pibworth. Catch Lauren at MoMondays Barrie! Get your advance tickets here: Buy Tickets

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