Keeping it real

I am a big believer in synchronicity and that things happening for a good reason… at just the right time! You see, I finished writing my momondays talk a while ago, yet didn’t even notice that I was being completely inauthentic in real life. I was in the process of getting a job, one that would require me to go into an office and put my nose to the grindstone for the next two years minimum. It was in an industry that I found exciting, and for a CEO and company that I wholeheartedly respect and admire. I had convinced myself “Simmone, even though you haven’t had a conventional JOB in 7 years because that really doesn’t work for you, you should probably get some stability in your life! Get some normal recorded income so you can perhaps get a mortgage!”.

I was taking the safe route. As I kept going over my momondays talk, it finally hit me… What the heck was I doing? Why would I put myself in a situation where I would be unhappy for years, just so I could potentially get a mortgage? So I could perhaps buy a home in a place I am not even sure I want to live in the long term? What I was doing was letting fear over take me.

Every time I get close to pursuing my dreams, I fall back on my “safety net” that is business. I fall back onto doing the thing that will make me lots of money. I fall back on having an excuse as to why I didn’t put myself fully out there in pursuit of what could make me happy.

I almost sold out. Thankfully I had this momondays talk to knock some sense into me. I will not let the fear of truly revealing myself and the possibility of succeeding in my chosen field hold me back any longer. I am so grateful that this opportunity to hit the momondays stage on April 30th also prevented me from taking the easy way out in life…again!

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Simmone is a multilingual, culture loving, world traveler who is passionate about driving global change and healing the world. She is an award-winning international speaker, stand up comedian, and strategic consultant (boring). She enjoys jumping out of planes, scuba diving, snowboarding, and fighting off attackers at gunpoint, which is probably explains why she is single.

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