Learn from Zaidie Ben – How to receive a compliment

I wrote this post for my grandfather on his 95th birthday. He’s now going on 96! We’re very lucky. I will be sharing his story of creating extraordinary from nothing at the upcoming MoMondays in Toronto on April 29th. I am pleased to introduce to you, Zaidie Ben.

My grandfather is one my inspirations. We call him Zaidie Ben. He is a Holocaust survivor. He survived and later thrived in life because of his emotional intelligence.  His life story is amazing and beyond belief. I owe so much to him – if it were not for him, I would not even exist. Look up the word gregarious in the dictionary, and you see a shining, smiling and splendid picture of my Zaidie Ben!

I write about my grandfather because there is a stunning lesson to learn from him. Well, there are many, though I will be highlighting just one with this post.

My Zaidie is one of the best people I have ever witnessed at accepting a compliment. Hit him with a compliment and his response is, “thank you for the truth!” Beyond the humour in his response, it is an amazing one in which I offer we can learn.

So many of us shy away, diminish or disbelieve the compliments that are presented to us. We often deflect compliments we receive and turn them around with a return compliment.

“You look so beautiful!”

“Oh thanks, so do you.”

What does that say for our own self-image, worth and confidence? How do you feel that makes the complimenter feel? That being, the person presenting us with the compliment. Them putting themselves out there, being vulnerable to land a compliment on your lap, and your response is, no no, that’s not true, oh, you too or, that little thing? That little thing is of significance to that person and they are recognizing that beauty in you.

The next time you are lucky* enough to receive a compliment from another human being, please consider the following:

1)   Stop
2)   Take a breath
3)   Soak in the compliment; acknowledge it; appreciate it
4)   Say, ‘thank you, that is so kind’ or something to that effect.

Gifts are meant for giving and receiving. Compliments are a gift.
P.S. You need not be obliged to return a compliment to them. It can be more impactful to appreciate their compliment fully. This really back fires for the complimenter if they are complimenting you just to receive one in return!! :-p
Zaidie – I love you so much. I am amazed at the gifts, lessons, insights and appreciation you still provide for me!

*L.U.C.K is Labouring Under Correct Knowledge

This blog post was written by Stephen Shedletzky. Catch Stephen at MoMondays on 04/29/2013! Get your advance tickets here: Buy Tickets

480546_10100726653662611_1054698177_n Stephen believes in a world in which the vast majority of people are fulfilled by the work they do. He leads inspirAction.ca and collaborates with Simon Sinek’s team at Start With Why – organizations that exist to inspire people to do the things that inspire them.  Stephen engages leaders and organizations to discover and create their “Why.” He speaks, coaches, consults and creates content all with one purpose: to inspire. @steveshed For more about Stephen , visit http://inspiraction.ca.

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