Letting Go of Control

If you love something set it free. If you love your business, your family, your partner, your life set them free. Give up trying to control how things “should be” and give way to the potential to how incredible things can be.

Giving up control wasn’t easy for me. I admit that I still find that I have a tighter grip than I care to admit on some areas of my life. Each day I find that I loosen that grip a little more.

I remember one Mother’s Day about five or six years ago. My children were young. And all I wanted to do was to go for a walk in the Danforth area of Toronto and check out some shops there. I had visions of the children being cute and patiently waiting for me to explore my hearts desire. I saw us playing and joking on the sidewalks and the children delighting in some of the new treasures they were being exposed to. Everyone was happy, just like they show you in those advertisements for Disneyland.

That was a dream in my mind that I was intent on having. What really happened was we got there and had a hard time finding a parking spot. The children were cranky and didn’t want to explore in the shops. The thought that these things I wanted to look at were weird and just wanted to go home. We were all cranky and I felt robbed of a Mother’s Day.

I can look at that and snicker now. I was taking a similar approach in pretty much all areas of my life! I was trying to control exactly how things would be. I made people wrong for doing things their way instead of my way. In the process, I was cutting myself off from the potential of how amazing things could be. (Now, I still felt I was pretty open-minded, but now I can see how much I judged everything)

As I began to surrender, be gentler on myself and others, new and wonderful opportunities popped into my awareness. I allowed myself to explore new ways of thinking and new ways of being, because the way I was living just wasn’t making me happy. As I relaxed more, I noticed that previous annoyances didn’t bother me quite so much. Frustrations that I would hang on to for days and weeks, began to slip away in hours and sometimes minutes.

It was the action of dropping control of the reigns on life that allowed me to see the beautiful flowers and trees at the side of the road instead of being set on where I was going. When I can stop to see the beauty in everyday situations, it helps me be present to the the positive potential outcomes.

They say that everything happens for a reason, and sometimes situations and projects don’t work out quite the way I think they may because there is an even better possibility waiting for me. And that makes me smile 🙂

This blog post was written by Jennifer Lyall. Jennifer spoke at MoMondays on 09/02/2013! Get your advance tickets for the next MoMondays here: Buy Tickets

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