“Man, I love what  you’ve done with momondays London. Keep doing it. It’s magic.”
- W.T. Hamilton

“Another just incredible show. Kevin Bulmer’s opening was fantastic!”
- Gord Fansher

“momondays last night brought us that VIBE and amazing ENERGY we've come to appreciate and expect from Kevin Bulmer's show.”
- Krystal Moore Lucier

"Awesome opening by Kevin Bulmer talking about underdogs. Wow!!"
- Rizwan Rashid

“Kevin, your hosting made me simply speechless! Wow! Incredible experience.”
- Rakesh Mishra

“It’s an incredibly inspiring experience.”
- Tamelynda Lux

“Kevin, you put on an AMAZING show! It is an experience like no other.”
- Tim Barnaby

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Wouldn’t it be nice ... to slow our spin of second-guessing for a couple of hours; to put the world on "pause" with no noise, news, comparing or competing?

Imagine just relaxing, smiling and sharing in a warm, encouraging environment and feeling a genuine sense of connection that leaves us inspired and refreshed to step back into the "spin" again.

That’s what the all-new momondays London is all about.

Think TedX meets The Tonight Show.

Prepare for an evening of electric energy featuring empowering, authentic speakers and storytelling … with a lot of laughs tossed in. You’ll quickly discover what makes momondays London's most uplifting event series. You'll feel it. 

Each event features a handful of speakers/contributors sharing stories of their life and/or work. Some are funny, some are thought-provoking. All are genuine, which makes them naturally uplifting.

What’s more, you get to meet, connect and collaborate with all kinds of wonderful people in a fun, positive environment.

Next event: November 18, 2019.

Featured storytellers in November:

Kevin Bulmer - Producer & Host of momondays London

Angela Peeters - Canadian Surrogacy Community

Sabina Manji - Editor of the Mom & Caregiver Magazine

Michel Neray - Founder of momondays (coming from Toronto)

Tonia Adleta - Professional Speaker, Podcast Host, Host of "Recovering Church Girls" Podcast

See below for tickets and more event information.

Where is it?

The 2019 season of momondays London will be held in at the London Music Club (in the Big Hall) at 470 Colborne Street (at Queens Ave). A handful of parking spaces are available on site, and with hundreds of available spaces on the adjacent streets just a block or two away (parking in London is free from 6 p.m. onward).

There is both a bar and a kitchen at LMC.

Tickets & Timing

Regular price tickets are $25 each.

Advance tickets - $15 each (available online *until midnight on the Friday prior to the event*)

VIP, branded & reserved tables of 6 are $75 each (also available online until midnight on the Friday before the event).

Doors open at 6:00 pm for socializing and networking.

The show starts at 7:00 p.m.

Conversation and Community

We'd like to see momondays® London grow into much more than "just" a monthly event. To join the pre and post-show conversation between events, visit and interact with the momondays® London Facebook Page.

To connect directly with Kevin Bulmer, visit his website here or his Facebook Page.

Presenting Partners

The 2019 season of momondays London is proudly presented by:

If you'd also like to align yourself with momondays London as a presenting sponsor, please contact Kevin directly for more information.

Special thanks to Melissa Price at m.Jayne Images!

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What is momondays London and what does is do?

Where is momondays London?


Kevin Bulmer - momondays London


Kevin Bulmer is the founder of No Schedule Man Brand Media, producer & host of momondays London, strategic marketing coach for Awesomeprenuers and host of the podcast, "Journeys with the No Schedule Man."

As a dynamic, down-to-earth and highly engaging professional speaker, it’s Kevin’s intention to uplift through a shared example of continual growth. He has a gift for helping people see themselves from a fresh perspective on matters related to mindset and effective marketing messaging. In both cases, it pretty much comes down to just being true to yourself ... a principle which is fundamentally simple, but not necessarily easy to do.

Day-to-day, Kevin lives that philosophy as he works with forward-thinking people in small-to-midsize businesses who want to stand out, connect & grow.

More specifically, he can help you with crafting more effective, relatable and engaging marketing messages (from social posts to website text to traditional ad scripts), creating original multi-purpose marketing content and understanding and implementing their own unique, magnetic brand story and strategy.

To learn more about working with Kevin directly and or to inquire about having him speak at your next event, visit


The London Music Club - Big Hall
470 Colborne Street, London ON, N6B 2T3

2019 Presenting Partners

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