Look where you are for the answer

Its amazing how when we feel like a total failure, and nothing seems to be working that we always look for the outside miracle to send us in the right direction. Actually the place to look to re-start our success is down: right where we are, & who we are , We must develop the eyes to see & recognize the unique and wonderful assets we have in ourselves , the people, and the environment around us. By connecting with our authentic selves we can inspire others & propel ourselves into a successful and soulful future.

This blog post was written by Judy Perly. Catch Judy at momondays Toronto, ON on 03/27/2017! Get your advance tickets here: Buy Tickets

Judy Perly was raised in Toronto . She graduated from University in 1973 . She was always very alternative: living as an artist, teacher & food entrepreneur. She started Free Times Cafe in 1980 which became a mecca for music ,arts and creative food . In 1995 she invented the famous Bella! Did Ya Eat? Authentic Jewish Sunday Brunch. She is a facilitator for acoustic music, Jewish culture, and original food in Toronto. She is an avid humanitarian, & loving feminist. Yoga, swimming ,cycling and traveling keep her going. For more about Judy, visit http://www.freetimescafe.com.

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