Meeting Teri Kingston

I don’t think a year has gone by since 1993 that I haven’t watched Bill Murray’s classic movie, Groundhog day. As much as I try to limit my TV time to a minimum, It just seems to call me. Tonight, 25 years later, as I sit down to plan my week, I think, I’ve just clarified my attachment to the cult film; I’ve been living my own version of #GroudhogWeek. It seems like I keep recycling my weeks trying to plow through what Dr. Steven Covey popularized as ”Urgent and important”. I believe part of the reason I’m thinking about this tonight is my meeting with one of our speakers for tomorrow’s nights momonday evening. Teri Kingston was kind enough to share some time with me over a glass of wine. If you’ve ever met her, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that she has a gift. From the moment I touched her hand, saw her smile, heard her voice, I could feel time stop. The delightful aroma of coffee teeming in the house, the young girl studying behind her, the gentleman texting beside us; Nothing mattered, I felt like all that mattered was the moment and our conversation. True to her passion and her role as a certified World Class Speaking Coach and TEDx Speaker coach, she told me about herself. Taking me through her story of joy, sadness, love and life lessons, her life story touched me. Just being her authentic self, she touched my heart and made me realize how we must cherish time and the people we love. I was also pleasantly surprised to find out they àTeri’s major is music. This is when she told me that the title to her speech tonight is 12 notes in an octave. As this week cycles through again, I keep thinking of Teri’s story and how she has made me realize the importance of living the moment with the people we love. Thank you Teri for your gift of time, your message and especially thank you for being you. I’m really looking forward to hearing you speak tomorrow night with our other storytellers Jim Carty, Boyan Djefersky, Ronald Servant, André Martel along with my co-host Raymond Brisebois,DTM Coach / Speaker / Trainer.

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