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January 16, 2013


TORONTO, ON: Motivational Mondays, or MoMondays™, is like a cross between open mic comedy and expert talks, bringing together motivational speakers and other individuals to share their stories. Some are funny, some are profoundly personal, some are thought-provoking, all are motivating.


You meet the nicest people at MoMondays!

Professional speaker and MC Michel Neray originally created the event to help his fellow speakers rehearse stories and develop new content for speeches, but the concept quickly caught on with the general public. Introduced in February 2012 with just 15 people in the audience, the event now attracts over 100 people on a regular basis in Toronto, and has expanded to other cities including Oakville, Winnipeg and now Calgary.

The Calgary event will be hosted by Palmo Carpino, a professional humourist, speaker, facilitator and, according to his official bio, really nice guy. The first Calgary MoMonday event will be held on February 4th at The Comedy Cave, 9206 Macleod Trail South.

Michel Neray | MoMondays

MoMondays Founder and MC Michel Neray

“We’re thrilled to have Palmo be the face of MoMondays in Calgary” explains MoMondays Founder Michel Neray. “He can be thoughtful and thought-provoking, intelligent and irreverent, heartwarming and wickedly funny – just like your typical MoMonday.”

Palmo was drawn to MoMondays, because in his words, “I always learn ‘something’ by listening to other people’s stories– sometimes they’re entertaining but that’s just a bonus. I’m always being made aware of how much there is to learn from the experiences of others. I don’t want to get ‘all-Gandhi’ about it, but we should all learn to listen more and maybe speak less. This type of event offers some great opportunities on so many levels.”

Palmo Carpino | Calgary MoMonday

MoMondays Calgary MC Palmo Carpino

Each event brings together six to eight professional and amateur speakers to engage with a diverse audience on a wide array of topics. MoMondays is a great chance for pros to hone their craft while offering the audience a chance to experience leading thinkers and powerful stories. For people new to the platform, MoMondays offers an opportunity to get in front of an audience and tell their stories in a supportive environment. For all, MoMondays energizes the room with the diverse range of personal stories and life lessons. Generally set in a bar or tavern means that the focus is on socializing as opposed to formal networking.

Founder Michel Neray believes that aside from being great entertainment, MoMondays fills a real need for people: “Audiences are tired of canned speeches, negative rants and empty laughs. They want ‘real’ – real people, real stories and real inspiration. MoMondays takes the audience on a roller coaster ride of emotions, leaving the audience feeling empowered and motivated. Plus they get to learn and laugh – bonus!”

“It was such a warm and supportive audience,” exclaimed Adrian Davis following his speech at a previous MoMonday. “I felt permission to try things I had never tried in my keynotes before. It was a great feeling.”

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For more information and or interviews contact:

Michel Neray, MoMondays Founder and MC

Palmo Carpino, MoMondays MC

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