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Moving from Oh NO, to Oh WOW!

By momondays | Jan 17, 2019

After enduring a massive motorcycle accident, I was told I will never walk, talk, eat solid foods or ever move your left side again and likely won’t remember anything prior to the accident. Doctor said, quite simply, ‘You’re brain-damaged!’ I don’t remember the medical terms, but I understood it all meant ‘vegetable.’ Two years later,…

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Meeting Teri Kingston

By Ray and Marc | Dec 17, 2018

I don’t think a year has gone by since 1993 that I haven’t watched Bill Murray’s classic movie, Groundhog day. As much as I try to limit my TV time to a minimum, It just seems to call me. Tonight, 25 years later, as I sit down to plan my week, I think, I’ve just…

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Just Call Me Lady

By momondays | Dec 8, 2018

My story is not just another transgender person’s “transition” story — it’s a story of my completion as a happy human. Born thinking I was a little girl in Glasgow Scotland. Until mainstream society’s rude awakening forced me to live as a boy for survival. I will talk about my journey of discovery with humour,…

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My Breakfast With Jermaine

By momondays | Sep 17, 2018

I read and watch news like most of us and was becoming stressed by the horrors the media presents us with daily. The more I watched, the more fearful I became that I would find myself in any of those terrifying situations. My terrifying situation happened unexpectedly while on holiday in the U.S. and it…

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Dreams have a way of find the light of day, if you let them…

By momondays | Jul 30, 2018

A few years back, I was fortunate enough to see B.B. King at his blues club in Orlando. I was doubly fortunate enough to be sitting in the front row — not that much farther away than the screen you are reading this on is from you. It was a powerful experience, not only because…

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Keeping it real

By momondays | Apr 26, 2018

I am a big believer in synchronicity and that things happening for a good reason… at just the right time! You see, I finished writing my momondays talk a while ago, yet didn’t even notice that I was being completely inauthentic in real life. I was in the process of getting a job, one that…

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What makes momondays different?

By momondays | Apr 19, 2018

I am reminded of poet David Whyte who once said, “It takes tremendous courage to live any life at all. Even if it is only tending a simple garden outside one’s kitchen window.” For me, that is what momondays is about… ordinary people like me standing on stage to tell my story in a way…

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My Friend Harry

By momondays | Apr 19, 2018

Friendships are the signposts and scenery on this journey we call life and while some happen for a reason, season or lifetime, you may be lucky enough to have one that provided all three. My friend Harry was one of those rare gifts. He was a charmer who lit up a room and could also…

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Staying in the game

By momondays | Apr 14, 2018

To feel the moment, be in the moment and be grateful of this moment is what I try to get to. I have one more day of life to make a difference, to lift myself up and be of some account. Having gratitude has pulled me through, even for the small things, and when I…

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