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MoMondays Buffalo, April 1 2013

By momondays | Mar 7, 2013

This is no April Fool’s joke, although I’m sure some tomfoolery may show up at our MoMonday Buffalo event on April 1st! Our international lineup of speakers will take you on a journey to inspire you through amazing stories, connecting us all and giving you the ‘juice’ you need to sail through your month on fire with motivation-you meet the nicest people at MoMondays!

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The True Warrior By Deepak Manchanda.

By Michel Neray, MBA, B.Sc, Master NLP Practitioner | Mar 3, 2013

Success and failure is temporary, subjective and personal. One need to put efforts each day to stay successful. Total success is achieved only by keep walking, no stopping, no running, just keep walking and one who could do that is ‘A True Warrior’. Join me to share the story of a Warrior on Monday, March…

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I Won’t Bring my Bike, But I Will Talk About Cycling

By momondays | Mar 1, 2013

On March 11 MoMonday Calgary, I will be presenting “Wind and Hills”, where I chronicle my humorous journey as an amateur cyclist and the growth in my passion for road cycling. I will tell of how, at the age of 10, I obsessed over teaching myself to ride a 2 wheeled “hand-me-down” bike – which…

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MoMondays Mississauga, April 1 2013

By momondays | Feb 28, 2013

You’ve got a dream. You know what to do and why you want to do it. Still sometimes you need an extra little push to keep you going. You’ll get your motivational boost at the launch of MoMondays Mississauga! This inspiring monthly night out features seven encouraging speakers.

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MoMondays Halifax, March 25 2013

By Michel Neray, MBA, B.Sc, Master NLP Practitioner | Feb 28, 2013

The phenomena that’s sweeping North America has hit the east coast! MoMondays Halifax is celebrating our Grand Opening on Monday, March 25, 2013 at Pipa Restaurant and Bar – 1685 Argyle Street in Halifax – between the Carleton Hotel and the Economy Shoe Shop.

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MoMondays Toronto, March 18 2013

By momondays | Feb 27, 2013

You read that right — March MoMonday is March 18! Yes, we know that the 18th is the third Monday of the month instead of the usual fourth Monday, but the following week many of us will be busy getting freed from slavery, parting the Red Sea and making the world famous Hillel sandwich. (In other words… it’s Passover!)

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MoMondays Barrie, April 15 2013

By momondays | Feb 26, 2013

The phenomena that’s sweeping North America has arrived in Barrie. Finally, something for smart, like minded “Barrie-ites” to do on a Monday night (well, other than hockey)… MoMondays Barrie is celebrating our Grand Opening, Monday, April 15, 2013 at the Side Door (above Michael and Marion’s) – 89 Bayfield St Barrie, ON, just above Dunlop Street.

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MoMondays Montreal, March 18 2013

By momondays | Feb 26, 2013

Catch the phenomena that’s sweeping North America has arrived in ‘La Belle Province’… On the heels of a successful launch, MoMondays Montréal is celebrating our second event, Monday, March 18, 2013 at Robin des Bois Restaurant – 4653, boul. Saint-Laurent, Montréal, QC H2T 1R2 between Mount Royal and Villeneuve on the east side of the street.

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MoMondays Winnipeg April 22, 2013

By Michel Neray, MBA, B.Sc, Master NLP Practitioner | Feb 26, 2013

With three sold-out in the last few months, MoMondays is going strong in Winnipeg! The next MoMonday event is scheduled for April 22.

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