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How To Cultivate An Attitude of Gratitude

By momondays | May 2, 2017

Gratitude. It’s the ultimate cure for a bad mood, stress and worry. Thankfulness moves a person from pessimistic, depressive thoughts to feelings of happiness, joy and contentment. We all want more of that in life, right? Every action we take is the result of a thought. Our thoughts are incredibly powerful; they shape our lives.…

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Being a Dominatrix Made Me a Better Coach

By momondays | Apr 27, 2017

Have you ever thought you knew what something was only to discover that it was nothing like what you thought it was? Most people that I talk to about what being a Dominatrix was for me are blown away at how different is is from how they imagined it would be. Here is the thing,…

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Face the Light

By momondays | Apr 21, 2017

Have you ever rediscovered a part of yourself that you didn’t know was missing? Well, I have. It was 7 years ago. December 2009. After going to bed late on a Saturday night, I woke up Sunday evening in an emergency room with a neurologist by my side. I had a grand mal seizure during…

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The Power Of Ask

By momondays | Mar 27, 2017

When I was a little kid, I would always ask questions. I got really good at it too! So good in fact, that whenever I asked a question like “How does a TV work?” my father would have me read a book about and then write a short summary about what I had learned. Fast…

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Practising Confronting “The Flinch”

By momondays | Mar 21, 2017

One of my favourite books is one called The Flinch by Canadian entrepreneur Julien Smith. In the book, Smith talks about how boxers are trained to avoid flinching when their opponents strike them, and instead proactively move toward the thing they most fear, in order to improve. The book comes with several practical exercises for…

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Look where you are for the answer

By momondays | Mar 16, 2017

Its amazing how when we feel like a total failure, and nothing seems to be working that we always look for the outside miracle to send us in the right direction. Actually the place to look to re-start our success is down: right where we are, & who we are , We must develop the…

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Myselfie at momondays!

By momondays | Jan 22, 2017

I read once that 1% of what we are is visible and touchable and the remaining 99% of us is a lot of something else. That’s a lot of us that has nothing to do with what we look like. And if we think about all the changes our physical body goes through, it’s ridiculous…

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A Life Lesson from the Sunny Side

By momondays | Jan 17, 2017

There were residents who lived on the sunny side of the nursing home, and others who lived on the dark side. I worked as an aide at the nursing home, for only half a year, a job in the hiatus of my career; but it was over the brief span of this experience, that the…

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The Irreverent Reverend

By momondays | Dec 12, 2016

Forget everything you think you know about ministers and church. Okay, how do I do that? Church as my Dad referred to it was a place hypocrites met to act all sweet and nice in church and then in the parking lot after service they would gossip about other church members. So, imagine my discomfort…

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