momondays London in Metro

momondays London in Metro

momondays London has been a HUGE hit! Hosts Victoria Craig and Paula Morand were featured in Metro yesterday May 19). The money quote?

“This is a movement that’s been started to help build joy in communities,” said Morand, who’s a motivational speaker, award-winning entrepreneur and CEO of Jumpstart 720. “It brings a positivity in a world where things are so negative and filled with negative stories.

“It offers a time out, even once a month, to come together, be authentic and meet people and get to know people.”

A ticket to MoMondays buys you the chance to hear stories, and connect with like-minded people.

“There must be a hunger for it because we were sold out,” Morand added. “I think people are hungry for hope. I think social media is actually building loneliness.

“Coming together in person brings some of those recognizable people in a network together to connect.”


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And if you want tickets for momondays London in June, better act fast – they have a habit of selling out! Get momondays London tickets here.

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