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Monday, January 27th

6:30- 8:30pm


The Red Fang Tavern

78 Durham St, Sudbury, ON 

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Amanda Zurkowski

By day, Amanda is an Account Manager with Northern Business Solutions, a local document management company and by night she can usually be found in an arena, volunteering with Eastlink Community TV, working with the incredible and dynamic group at Northern, has powered her to success, in what was once a “boys club”, she's breaking that stigma down one deal at a time.

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Brandon Roy

Brandon is a person from Ontario, a human being, diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, high functioning, at the age of 17, who has subsequently spent that time up until the age of 22 exploring his newly understood experiences and sensations under the context of a still very illusive mental condition. He has many hobbies and finds mostly anything to be engaging, but can’t focus to save his life.

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Markus Azeriah Vivar- Guajala

At the age of six Markus was living in Toronto with his one year old brother and parents. everything changed when his father was incarcerated. Markus had to be strong and comfort his mom, watch his little brother after school, etc. As a small boy he had many responsibilities of a grown man. He is now living in Sudbury and doing many positive things with his life.

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