May 25, 2015


“May you always walk in sunshine” is the first line of the popular song “May You Always”, by Larry Markes (lyrics) and Dick Charles (pseudonym of Richard Charles Krieg), published in 1959.

A couple of the verses of the song go like this:

May your heartaches be forgotten
May no tears be spilled
May old acquaintance be remembered
And your cup of kindness filled

And may you always be a dreamer
May your wildest dream come true
May you find someone to love
As much as I love you

If we were to write a verse for momondays today, we would surely add, ‘And may your world be filled with mo heart, humour and happiness!


Put story-telling into a blender. Add a dash of personal growth & transformation, and drop in a load of laughs. Mix in real, live music, and great conversation with some of the nicest people on the planet, then push the ‘high’ setting… and out comes momondays! 

Save your seat (and a few bucks) by getting advance online tickets for just $15 all in — available online until May 22. Doors open for advance ticket holders at 5:30 pm. Show only $20 cash at the door starting at 6 pm. 

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