November 23, 2015

Real People, Real Stories, Real Inspiration!Yes, yes, yes, OH YES… momondays™ is coming to Brandon!

Each momonday is a uniquely awesome event – it’s sort of like a cross between open mic comedy and expert talks, but with professional speakers and other people like you who have a great story to share.

At each event, you’ll see an eclectic mix speakers each sharing 10 minutes stories that will inspire and move you into action!  Some are funny, some are thought-provoking, all are motivating.

With 3 years of awe-inspiring, full house momondays™ events behind us, get ready for the first momonday in Brandon on November 23rd, 2015!

Doors open at Remingtons (see menu below) at 5:00 pm (800 Rosser Avenue, Brandon, MB). Show starts at 6:30 ,come early to meet some great people, socialize, get your choice of seats, wine, dine, learn and have fun – there is no better bang for just a few bucks!

The talent for the evening will be…
John Hindle, original GM of the Winnipeg Goldeyes Pro Baseball Club, was living the good life after years of working hard when he suddenly suffered a massive heart attack. He tells his story of his near-death experience and what he learned about life in the process both during the attack and in recovery.
Jacqueline Goods lost the greatest mentor in her life and shares the story of their game-changing last conversation.
Brenda Hewlko was  feeling unfulfilled after 27 yrs. being in a business she once loved. She had lost her passion and it was time to find a new one. Lucky for her it meant a new career, a new business, a new life!
Elaine Froese knows first hand that mental health issues affect one in five Canadians. Someone you know is likely depressed and may be afraid to get treatment. Walk alongside. Plant seeds of hope that things will get better with proper care and time. Know that folks that have suffered great loss have lessons to teach the rest of us. 

Tracy Gregorash shares how her unplanned arrival at a new destination left her at a standstill, and how she was able to take the next step. Hers is story of the most positive and inspiring adventures.

Katie Macdonald will lend her soulful voice and acoustic guitar talents to the evening!

momondays is hosted by CJOB radio personality Stephanie Staples. Stephanie has hosted & produced the wildly successful momondays in Winnipeg for the last three 3 years. The event, running every 6 weeks, sees 250 people building community, laughing, learning and sharing. Steph is so excited to bring momondays to Brandon. Her warm, authentic and often hilarious escapades captivate audiences all over North America. She is the author of When Enlightening Strikes – Creating a Mindset for Uncommon Success.
As usual we will be support a not-for-profit group and this months it’s the Manitoba Neurofibromatosis Support Group (MBNF)*

Come with your favorite group or come by yourself, either way, you’ll meet the nicest people at momondays™!

Stephanie Staples – your moHost, producer and MC.
John Hindle – your moManager 


Grilled Romaine

Olive Oil Croutons, Crisp Anchovies, Hens Egg, Parmesan Dressing



Back Bacon, Portabella, Asiago, Garlic Cream

Enhance your meal by Adding: 6oz Steak $6, 6oz Salmon $6 or Chicken $4.25

Steak “Sandwich” 

Pan Roasted Salmon 

Herb Roasted Chicken


Warm Saskatoon Berry & Cinnamon Bread Pudding  

Served with vanilla ice cream, caramel and raspberry.    


All dinner entrees are accompanied by fresh baked rolls, seasonal local vegetable & potato, coffee, tea or soft drink.


Price is subject to applicable taxes and 15%gratuity


*What is MBNF? Formed in 2005. it is a registered non-profit organization created to assist individuals and families living with Neurofibromatosis, or NF. NF affects one in 3000 births with tumour growth and other symptoms. MBNF provides opportunities for those living with the disorder to connect and develop friendships, while sharing resources on this largely unheard of, yet common genetic disorder.