Purposeful Storytelling
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Purposeful storytelling as the foundation of powerful speaking, selling, influencing, persuading, teaching and making a difference in the world.

At momondays, we see a lot of speakers. (Six speakers every month equals a lot of speakers!)

Over the years, we have studied, dissected and figured out the difference between the good speakers and those who are truly awesome. What we learned made us realize why it’s so hard to find any one speaker coach or training program that really accelerates your effectiveness and success... because it isn’t just one key skill or competency that makes the difference -- it's a lot of things that only work when they work together.

With a limited group size, and facilitated by Michel Neray, founder of momondays, a major portion of each Purposeful Storytelling Workshop is devoted to working with each individual in order to help you go from a good speaker to a great speaker. It’s a unique approach that incorporates elements of the crafts of storytelling, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), scriptwriting, classic speaker training, stand-up comedy, improv and acting.

Purposeful Storytelling Workshops & Masterclass

The overall curriculum consists of 5 workshops and one masterclass. Except for the masterclass, which depends on attendance at all previous workshops, there is no correct sequence as any workshop can serve as the foundation for the others, and you can start with any workshop as your 'first'.

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Speaking is more than just 'speaking'. It's about engaging your own mind, body, and spirit in order to engage the mind, body, and spirit of your audience; it's about going on a journey and taking the audience on that journey with you. In this workshop, you'll learn how to enhance your stage presence, and use your voice and stagecraft to elevate your talk to a powerful experience for the audience.
Sudbury, ON: May 17, 2020

How to identify the key ‘story’ elements of your journey and structure them in a way that takes the audience along for the ride.
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Write your topic description, learning outcomes and biography to position yourself as an expert, get bums in seats, attract the interest of event planners… and serve as your best foundation for developing and describing your keynote, workshop or presentation.
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Veteran speakers know that being able to think, act and speak on your feet is just as important as rehearsing your talk 100 times. Here is where the elements of improv can really boost your confidence on stage, deal with unexpected situations, and perhaps most importantly, fuel your creativity as you develop your talk. Unlike 'general purpose' improv classes, this day is specifically designed for the needs of speakers.
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Enhance your story with comic relief, chuckles and smiles. It's what makes the really good speakers really great speakers.
Toronto: December 3, 2019

A masterclass exclusively for people who have attended all previous workshops.
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In addition to the workshops and masterclass, you can get private one-on-one coaching and consulting with Michel Neray, founder of momondays, by Google Hangout, phone or in person.

Whether you are already a working, professional speaker or just at the point where you feel ready to step into that role, Purposeful Storytelling workshops, masterclass and private coaching help you take your speaking game to the next level (or five), and develop your confidence on stage.

Every speaker is unique. Every story is unique. Some improve by bringing out more heart. Others improve by bringing out more head. And still others improve by bringing out more funny bone. We took exactly what you need to be a great speaker and packaged them into a unique speaker training program that teaches you how to go from good to truly awesome.

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Other Purposeful Storytelling Workshops

Currently, most workshops are held in Toronto, and we are happy to customize workshops in other cities.

If you would like us to hold a Purposeful Storytelling Workshop or Masterclass in your city, please contact your local moHost or contact us here.