moSpeaker Academy BIG Day in Barrie!

November 28, 2014 from 10am-5pm EDT at Suite Success, 411 Huronia Rd #5, Barrie, ON

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moSpeaker Academy in Barrie… the ‘Branding and Marketing!’ edition.

The last moSpeaker Academy BIG Days were fantastic, fun and incredibly helpful for every level of speakers. How can we say that so confidently? Here are a few comments from past participants…

“I didn’t know anything going into it and now I have walked away with several tools to help me not only in my business but public speaking.”
“I learned a lot about storytelling and adding energy to my sessions. This will definitely help me in my craft.”
“I can’t wait to implement some of the concepts ideas that I learned!”
“I’ve been speaking for years, and always working on making my talks more compelling. The moSpeaker Academy is one of the few times I’ve experienced a speaker training that truly delivered on its promises. I walked away with several tools that I was able to implement right away in a new presentation I was delivering just two days later. It worked! There was an immediate impact on how I was able to reach my audience effectively-they loved it and so did I.”

In this BIG Day, we’re giving you completely new content to help you build on what you already know and do well, so that you can continue to improve as a speaker — whether your focus is keynote speaking, selling, influencing, persuading, or teaching.

You’ll learn how to articulate your unique brand differentiation, PLUS you will learn how to market yourself as a speaker so meeting planners and decision makers are more likely to say ‘yes’.

Brand Differentiation

Picture of Michel NerayOn the one hand, every speaker is unique, just as every individual is unique. On the other hand, look at any speaker bureau website and you’ll see that speakers are ‘a dime a dozen’. That’s why being able to communicate what truly sets you apart is so essential to marketing yourself as a speaker. This session will be led by Michel Neray, founder of momondays. Michel is also a successful keynote speaker who has spoken for corporate clients and at conferences in over eight countries around the world, including Iran and Israel. Check out his speaker website at

This is a highly interactive session in which the emphasis is you:

  • How your signature story is the basis of your differentiation.
  • How to adapt your signature story to (almost) any business need that paying clients are interested in
  • How to communicate your differentiation in the first 10 seconds of a conversation.
  • Marketing, Marketing, Marketing

Lauren Pibworth

Lauren Pibworth | MoMondays Barrie HostSometimes an amazing message just isn’t enough – you need a strong business and marketing strategy to take you where you want to go. That is where Lauren Pibworth steps in. Author, speaker, marketing strategist and owner of Pibworth Professional Solutions, Lauren and her team have been helping speakers get more gigs and make more money for over 8 years. Check out Lauren’s website at

In this jam-packed, half day session, you’ll learn what marketing tools you need to have in your arsenal to help decision makers say ‘yes’ more often:

  • The top eight must have elements in a speaker website.
  • What decision-makers are looking for when they read your speaker one-sheet.
  • How to find those ‘hidden’ opportunities and why a Google Alert for “Call for Speakers” just won’t get you what you want.

This moSpeaker Academy BIG Day will be run a little differently than past ones in that we will devote an entire half day to each topic. Like past BIG Days, however, we will incorporate live coaching at the end of the day so you could see how branding and marketing fit into real sales conversations and introductions from the stage.

This moSpeaker Academy BIG Day is already 25% sold-out, and Early-Bird pricing ends November 9, 2014. Reserve your seat now!

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