moSpeaker Academy BIG Day in London!

February 6, 2015 from 9am-4pm EDT at the Western Fair District, Yuk Yuks Stage!

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The moSpeaker Academy BIG Day comes to London!

The moSpeaker Academy BIG Days in other cities were fantastic, fun and incredibly helpful for every level of speakers. How can we say that so confidently? Here are a few comments from past participants…

“I didn’t know anything going into it and now I have walked away with several tools to help me not only in my business but public speaking.”
“I learned a lot about storytelling and adding energy to my sessions. This will definitely help me in my craft.”
“I can’t wait to implement some of the concepts ideas that I learned!”
“I’ve been speaking for years, and always working on making my talks more compelling. The moSpeaker Academy is one of the few times I’ve experienced a speaker training that truly delivered on its promises. I walked away with several tools that I was able to implement right away in a new presentation I was delivering just two days later. It worked! There was an immediate impact on how I was able to reach my audience effectively-they loved it and so did I.”

In this BIG Day in London, we’re giving you the opportunity to learn from two expert facilitators and established speaking professionals. You’ll come away with a more powerful story and new tools to help you accelerate your success and performance in a multitude of ways… whether your focus is motivational and inspirational speaking, keynoting, speak-to-sell, informational speaking and training — or changing the world.

Your Signature Story: Michel Neray

Michel NerayThis is the heart of your presentation and the power of your persuasion. This session has been called ‘life-changing’ by past participants. It will be led by Michel Neray, founder of momondays.

Michel is the founder of momondays as well as a successful keynote speaker who has spoken for corporate clients and at conferences in over eight countries around the world, including Iran and Israel.

This is a highly interactive session in which the emphasis is you:

  • Where to uncover your unique Signature Story story.
  • The deeper meaning and moral that drives your message.
  • How to link your story to your primary communication objective and motivate your audience to take action.
  • How your signature story is the basis of your differentiation.
  • How to adapt and link your signature story to (almost) any business need that your clients are interested in.

Audience Journey and Script Structure: Paula Morand

Paula MorandFrom ancient Greek Myths to modern Hollywood, there is a consistent underlying structure of every story. This structure mirrors the journey that we re-experience in our talks and take our audiences along for the ride. Then, after you know how to structure your story like a pro screenwriter, how do you map it out on paper so you can rehearse it, time it and lose the notes? That’s the focus of this session, led by Paula Morand, a successful and internationally known multi-award winning entrepreneur, best-selling author, professional speaker and success coach. Paula is the Founder and CEO of Paula Morand Enterprises, a premiere leadership, coaching and training institute.

You’ll learn:

  • The classic story ‘formula’ (that works for business case studies too!)
  • The two struggles that every story must communicate.
  • The role of humour in storytelling.
  • Memory tricks so you can lose the notes, speak from the heart and stay on point.
  • How to rehearse for timing… for a tighter, more impactful story.

Performance Techniques: Michel & Paula

In this session we’ll focus on stage presence — how to own the stage, communicate emotion and get the audience to come along for the ride… your ride! Forget the step-gesture, step-gesture formula that can be seen a mile away as manipulative and inauthentic. The purpose of this session is to get you out of your head so your gestures and movements are natural and completely aligned with your content.

You’ll discover:

  • Grounding and stage presence.
  • Facial expressions.
  • Leveraging silence
  • Modeling awareness.

The day will end with live coaching to give everyone the opportunity to see how these new skills are incorporated into any keynote or presentation.

Includes buffet lunch at no extra charge, and free parking of course!!

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Western Fair District, Yuk Yuks Stage, 900 King Street, London, ON.