moSpeaker Purposeful Storytelling Masterclass:
Hooks & Headlines

Combining exercises in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), classic story-telling, stand-up comedy, improv, acting and professional speaking, participants rave about the unique approach we take in moSpeaker Purposeful Storytelling Masterclasses - which uses your signature story as the basis for a more impactful message and performance.

Limited to just 12 participants, and facilitated by Michel Neray, founder of momondays, a major portion of the masterclass is devoted to working with each individual in order to help you go from good speaker to great and from great to awesome.

Hooks & Headlines!

OK, so you know you have a good story. Now what? Do you have a repeatable and memorable phrase that your audience will remember you by long after you leave the stage? Does the title of your talk make audiences (and speakers bureaus and event planners) say to themselves, "I've got to hear this!"? Do you emphasize the right phrases and words to punctuate your points? Is your moral or lesson clear? ...and does it reinforce your call to action?

This is really about using the craft of copywriting to elevate your platform as a speaker...

Using a combination of NLP, (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and plain-old, tried and true, proven copywriting techniques, you will:

  • Turn your moral into a memorable lesson.
  • Identify the most interesting, compelling and differentiating element of your story.
  • Apply eight copywriter techniques for naming your story or talk.
  • Balance headline and subhead using the left brain/right brain technique.
  • Develop a repeatable phrase or hook.

In addition, we will borrow key bits from the rest of the moSpeaker Academy curriculum as needed to help your story come alive.

Dave LieberOne of the best storytelling programs, if not the best, I have ever seen. Remarkable in its clarity.

Dave Lieber Motivational speaker, keynote speaker, humorist, columnist for Dallas Morning News. Top American storytelling expert.

Kat HayI have been on the cutting edge of new programs before and the moSpeaker Academy is no exception. It’s cutting edge because the ‘mo’ model and process take you on a journey just as the stories you are trying to write. Michel, this program was a gift and one I hope you share with hundreds of people. I am your fan and advocate and I have a kick-ass signature story because of your cutting edge new program. To anyone sitting on the fence about this one… jump in, take the risk.

Kat Hay

carolynellisFeeling grateful for the experience of moSpeaker Academy this past week. I learned a lot about how to put together a talk, etc. but what was delivered went way beyond that. Authentic, moving stories of the heart, how to structure and deliver them, and then actually getting up on the stage and getting individual attention and awesome feedback. A profound and powerful training I know will make a huge difference in so many ways.

Carolyn Ellis

Limited to 12 People

I hope you'll join me - and I hope you take advantage of this incredible opportunity. If you would like us to hold a moSpeaker Academy Workshop or Masterclass in your city, please contact your local moHost or contact us here.

Dates, Locations & Registration

This masterclass is currently unscheduled because we're putting all our focus on the Purposeful Storytelling 2-Day Workshop on July 13-14 in Toronto. For information about the Purposeful Storytelling 2-Day Workshop, go to

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If you would like us to hold a moSpeaker Purposeful Storytelling Workshop or Masterclass in your city, please contact your local moHost or contact us here.