Purposeful Storytelling Workshop:
Performance & Stage Presence

How to use stage presence, voice and stagecraft to elevate your talk to a powerful experience for the audience.

speakerJacquieThe Purposeful Storytelling Performance Workshop has been specifically designed for people who want to improve as speakers – whether your focus is motivational and inspirational speaking, keynoting, speak-to-sell, informational speaking and training... or changing the world.

Through live coaching and practice, you'll master the core elements of speaking performance that other speaker programs leave out:

  • Stage presence
  • Facial expressions and modelling awareness
  • Characterization
  • Dialogue
  • Grounding
  • Act-outs
  • Pacing and leveraging silence
  • Opening and closing with impact
  • Dealing with feedback
shermansnukalAttended the moSpeaker Academy Performance Masterclass... Learned so much! If you want to move to your next stage as a speaker, find out about the next one..

Sherman Snukal
Award-winning TV producer & playwright

Cindy-Stone-197x296The performance master class speaker performance workshop is awesome! Like a method acting class! Enjoy the journey!

Cindy Stone
Best-selling author, psychotherapist and professional coach

Dave LieberOne of the best storytelling programs, if not the best, I have ever seen. Remarkable in its clarity.

Dave Lieber
Motivational speaker, keynote speaker, humorist, columnist for Dallas Morning News. Top American storytelling expert.

Combining exercises in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), classic story-telling, stand-up comedy, improv, acting and professional speaking, participants rave about the unique approach we take in Purposeful Storytelling Workshops - which use your signature story as the basis for a more impactful message and performance.

Limited to just 12 participants, and facilitated by Michel Neray, founder of momondays, a major portion of the workshop is devoted to working with each individual in order to help you go from good speaker to great and from great to awesome.

Dates, Locations & Registration

I hope you'll join us - and I hope you take advantage of this incredible opportunity. If you would like us to hold a Purposeful Storytelling Workshop or Masterclass in your city, please contact your local moHost or contact us here.

Please click through to tickets below for pricing of each workshop:

moSpeaker Workshop: Toronto, ON

October 22, 2019
Toronto, ON

moSpeaker Workshop: Sudbury, ON

 May 17, 2020