Moving from Oh NO, to Oh WOW!

After enduring a massive motorcycle accident, I was told I will never walk, talk, eat solid foods or ever move your left side again and likely won’t remember anything prior to the accident. Doctor said, quite simply, ‘You’re brain-damaged!’ I don’t remember the medical terms, but I understood it all meant ‘vegetable.’

Two years later, I walked back into the hospital, unassisted, and engaged in a conversation with the surgeons. They gasped for air, and, in shock, said, ‘you’re alive?’

Yes, even a damaged brain has a fully functional mind, and I set the intention in my mind to do everything they said I couldn’t do. What I learned is never to let the opinions of others, even expert opinions, dictate your future.

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After a massive motorcycle accident and then being categorized as a brain-damaged vegetable. I was booked in for long-term care.
I'm now rolling around Ontario with local cycling clubs raising funds and awareness of brain injury services & wellness in each region. For more about Daniel, visit http://.

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