My Friend Harry

Friendships are the signposts and scenery on this journey we call life and while some happen for a reason, season or lifetime, you may be lucky enough to have one that provided all three. My friend Harry was one of those rare gifts. He was a charmer who lit up a room and could also make you feel special – at the same time. He attracted people like magnets. Without even trying. Harry knew how to live every day with gusto. His attitude and generosity continue to inspire me to emulate his natural charisma whenever I get the chance. Whenever I am having a draggy day, I try to push it aside and remind myself – that today is the day you brighten someone else’s life. Just like Harry did for me.

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Laura is a marketing adventurer who has taken her 30+ years of serious corporate experience and thrown it out the window to start a new online club for women in the final curves of the estrogen racetrack where we can all have some laughs and enjoy the wacky and weird hurdles we jump over at this stage of life, featuring Flora, her fearless and unfiltered purple-haired alter ego. For more about Laura, visit

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